Our Questions to the Conservative Administration of Mid Suffolk District Council

When we have received an answer, it will be linked from the question

1. How many members of staff have left since 1st January 2017 and, assuming we conduct exit interviews as is best practice, how many of these have given the move to Ipswich as a reason?

2. During 2017/18 how many empty homes have been returned to occupancy as a result of council intervention, and what is the estimate of the number currently empty?

3. What is the urgency to pursue merger when the councils are already attempting to deal with multiple exceptional issues such as the move to Ipswich, high staff turnover and vacancies, lack of a 5 year land supply and at least five development projects on our own account in Mid Suffolk alone.

4. Why was the September council meeting cancelled, without the Chairman ‘s agreement, at a time of great difficulty for the council, and consequent concern of members?

5. Why have the Green Group never received a complete set of written answers to questions submitted regarding the issue of redundancy notices and related issues?

6. Why has the departure of our strategic IT Director, Paul Doe, not been reported to members, and what steps have been taken to replace him?

7. How long has Paddock House remained empty in Mid Suffolk ownership, when is it anticipated re-development work will begin, and has the Council considered short-life use of the building for emergency homelessness or as a convalescent home managed rent free by an appropriate agency?

8. How many staff have left the planning department since 1/1/17 and how many vacancies are there currently?   

9. What advice and information as to the effects on the council and partners of Universal Credit introduction and fuller roll out has been sought and received from areas piloting the changed benefit system, such as Waveney DC, and what measures are under way as Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury Job Centres implement now, and Stowmarket soon?