Green Councillor Achievements

2017 - 2021


Election success

Tripled the number of Green Party councillors on the county council from one to three in 2021, becoming the official opposition in a group with Liberal Democrats and Independents

Doubled the number of Green Party councillors on the district council from six to twelve in 2019, maintaining their position as official opposition but joining in a group with the Liberal Democrats

Increased the number of Green Party councillors on the town council from three to four in 2019

Working with local communities

Green Party councillors responded promptly to all resident issues and enquiries

Issues resolved include flooding, housing, footpath access, bus transport, school places, recycling, speeding and more

Initiated work with local parish councillors and third parties to improve residential areas

Successfully campaigned for better access at Needham Market train station

Responding to the Climate Emergency

Proposed the first Climate Emergency declaration

Put forward proposals for biodiversity corridors

Successfully proposed a motion to review access to green spaces

Gained unanimous support for a motion to develop a biodiversity strategy

Ensured planning developments now contain wildlife friendly features such as swift boxes, hedgehog highways and bat boxes as the norm

Successfully proposed a motion for wildlife friendly street-lighting

Put forward amendments to encourage electric taxis

Improving quality of life for residents

Represented communities on planning committees, improving developments with amendments to planning conditions

Successfully campaigned for ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) pilot to prevent speeding

Gained action on enforcing 20mph zones and expansion of Bikeability schemes

Campaigned against outsourcing of expensive highways contract

Initiated the Tree for Life scheme whereby every new parent gets a tree to plant for their child

Improving democracy

Successfully proposed a motion against the introduction of Voter ID in the forthcoming Elections Bill

Introduced a budget amendment to improve youth participation

Gained agreement for cross-party working on budget spending

Deliver real climate action

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