Open letter condemns party propaganda at public expense

22 February 2019

Dear Citizens of Mid Suffolk,

We are writing to alert you to a misleading publication currently being delivered to households across the District. This pretends to be a report of the last 4 years work of the council but is in fact a thinly disguised early election leaflet from the local Conservative Party, which you have paid for through your Council Tax.

The many glossy pictures show exclusively Conservative members of the council, and illustrate projects that were worked on by a large number of council staff, without once acknowledging their commitment or featuring them in any of the photos. The Conservatives also claim credit for projects that have not yet been started, as well as some where the council has been only peripherally involved at best.

Perhaps most misleading is their omission of the major problems caused by the Conservatives themselves, such as the thousands of unwelcome planning permissions, the cost of appeals and the expensive loss of many experienced staff when an HQ move to Ipswich was imposed. They also fail to acknowledge the risk incurred by borrowing £50 million for speculative property buys far from Suffolk - that's the equivalent of £625 for every one of you.

Many of you have raised these issues with us, so we hope these few points give a more rounded perspective of the council's performance - restoring a balance which we insisted was necessary many months ago.

Yours sincerely,

Councillor John Matthissen
On behalf of Green Group
Mid Suffolk District Council

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