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Work has begun at Crown Street roundabout, Stowmarket

Work has finally begin at the Crown Street roundabout in Stowmarket to remove the uneven and dangerous paving, provide new footpaths and pedestrian islands and make the area usable again for Stowmarket residents.

Green Party Councillor for Stowmarket North, Keith Welham, campaigned for his county council seat on a promise that he would deliver the improvements, after tree roots had made the paving slabs around the roundabout uneven and dangerous for pedestrians. Temporary orange plastic fencing had been put up to prevent pedestrian access which was not only unsightly, but created areas where litter, tree branches and vegetation were able to build up without clearing or maintenance.

There will be some disruption to traffic for three weeks or so to allow the works to be undertaken, with traffic signals on the approach roads to the roundabout. It is hoped that the signals will only be in place during the working day so that traffic can flow more easily in the evenings and at weekends.

Cllr Welham had asked for a schedule of works to be drawn up and an estimate of costs immediately after he was elected, but it had taken some time for consultation with highways officers, design engineers and landscape specialists to develop an affordable scheme for the site.

Cllr Welham commented:

“This had become an appalling eyesore. It seems to have taken a long time, but we finally have a scheme ready to go. It is more expensive than expected and I’ve pledged the majority of my four years’ worth of local highways budget to it. Without that, it’s probable nothing would have been done.

This will improve the area visually as well as providing new surfacing which is safe for pedestrians to use.”

Pic (below): Cllr Welham (L) with Cllr Ollie Walters

Crown St Keith Ollie 2