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Suffolk Green-led councillors Express Disgust at Rwanda Bill Victory

Jessie Carter

Members of Suffolk County Council’s Green, Lib Dem and Independent Group today expressed their disgust about the successful vote in Parliament yesterday to further the Conservative policy to deport asylum seekers in Rwanda.

The bill, which will now be discussed in the House of Lords, proposes that Rwanda is a safe country to house the UK’s asylum seekers despite the recent judgement by the Supreme Court that it is not.

The government’s approach is alarming to the Suffolk councillors, who are also concerned by the potential human rights breaches that people deported to Rwanda might face.

The bill orders British judges to ignore sections of the Human Rights Act, including the right not to be tortured and the right to a fair hearing. Unsurprisingly, this has raised serious concerns across the country and the group earnestly hopes the House of Lords will use its influence to block this controversial legislation.

Jessie Carter, Green Party County Councillor for Sudbury, said:

"The bill passed yesterday is not only illegal, but inhumane. Asylum seekers are people who need our help, often so desperate that they risk their own lives and those of their children to find safety in another country.

For the government to betray these vulnerable people and their responsibilities under the Human Rights Act is appalling. It also sets a dangerous precedent when governments decide they are above the law in this way.

The Conservative government seem to think the British people want this, but most people are compassionate and kind - they wish to treat others the way they would wish to be treated themselves.

In a time where societal care and kindness are paramount, it is regrettable that the government’s decisions do not reflect a commitment to protecting the most vulnerable in our society.”

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