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Record Green Party slate for Suffolk County council elections

As nominations close the Green Party has announced 55 candidates for the County elections as well as more for Ipswich Borough, various district by-elections and the police commissioner ballot.

Across the county the greens are fielding members with a wide age-range and diverse skills, professions and experience.

Andrew Stringer, seeking re-election for his Upper Gipping division said:

“It is great to see many new people coming forward this time, reflecting the surge of interest and concern about our environment and climate change. We want all County policies to be aligned to achieving the zero carbon 2030 the out-going council committed to in 2019, and to implement change from the bottom up, not top-down. There is too little time left to drift along with ‘business as usual’ policies, which have been the default position for the Conservative administration. I am looking forward to working with a big intake of new Green councillors after the election.”