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Statement on the defection of Dr Dan Poulter MP by Suffolk’s Green council leaders

Caroline and Andy

When the news began to circulate on Saturday afternoon that Dr Poulter had defected to the Labour Party (never an easy decision), surprise and disbelief were our initial reactions.  We then watched the interview explaining his reasoning with interest, as we are fully aware that local health resources are stretched thinly, particularly NHS dentistry. 

With his constituency of Central Suffolk and North Ipswich covering parts of both East Suffolk and Mid Suffolk districts, we hope for a more cooperative relationship and less ill-informed criticism from Dr Poulter going forward – we are always willing to work collaboratively with MPs of any party to improve the lives of our residents. 

Like many of Suffolk’s voters, Dr Poulter has turned away from the Conservative party after finding that it no longer represents his views.  However, many residents are finding that neither Labour nor the Conservatives are providing the vision and leadership they are looking for, and it is the Green Party that Suffolk’s voters are increasingly turning to.

Caroline Topping, Green leader of East Suffolk District Council

Andy Mellen, Green leader of Mid Suffolk District Council